Tuesday, December 5, 2006

the woman in target

so i was in target today. i was there with max, he was in the stroller because i had thought all i needed was two birthday cards but then remembered that 1/2 the reason that i needed to go there was to get paper products for a shower being held this weekend. so i'm standing there picking out plates and napkins - they are totally cute btw, the cake plates have a little mama pushing a stroller on them - adorable.

anyways, i'm standing there doing my balancing act with the plates, napkins and cups (since i didn't have a cart i needed to carry all of these items....) and this woman who looked to be my mother's age, stops to make conversation about max, she asked how old he was, i told her 3 mo. she said he was very cute, i said thanks. she then mentioned that her daughter was adopting and they planned on receiving their child in about 3 weeks. this woman was beaming and was so excited about the prospect of her new grandchild. having a friend who just adopted, i know how exciting it is. having just had a baby myself, i know how crazy the excitement is, for both the new parents AND the new grandparents. I was just so happy for this woman and her new adventure that was upon her. She wished me good luck and i returned the statement. the little child that is soon going to join her family has one joyful grandma waiting to fill that child with lots of love.

as she walked away, i thought about when three weeks from now would be and that puts us right at christmas. was a wonderful gift THAT family is going to receive for christmas.

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