Monday, December 4, 2006

my first entry

this is it. i've started a blog....

it's cold, first REALLY cold day of the year.

chris and i are trying something new where i am getting up when he gets up... today is day one, we'll see how it goes. he wants me to get an earlier start to my day and help him get out the door in the morning. I would like to do this too, but my body isn't very willing.... i've never been one for early morning conversation...

morris the cat says hello, he's helping me type this... meow!

the last of my grandfather's siblings passed away yesterday. she was the last to go. kind of an odd feeling, sad.

I am going to head out to joann's today to pick up some cotton yarn for some quick knitting projects for christmas gifts. I also have to run to the post office.

i think i like this blogging thing... more later

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