Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Wrap Up

I finished knitting my gifts! all were received VERY well! however i forgot to take photos of them so i have to round them up and do so individually.... oops. i also bought more fabric and yarn to make more, i would like a set for myself and i'm going to make a few for housewarming gifts AND i would like to have a few sets on hand for quick gifts. sooner or later everyone i know will have a set of my fabulous hand knit pot holders.

i have ventured into the world of the log cabin pattern. i've started my first adventure which will end up being a blanket for our living room. it's going to be greens and browns and it already an addiction :) photos to follow.

For christmas i received a few really thoughtful gifts from my WH (wonderful husband) Mason Dixon Knitting (which i asked for) and Oddball Knitting (a book about how to use up your stash). I only mentioned to wh one day that i didn't know what to do with my odds and ends of yarn so while he was purchasing the book i asked for he noticed this book and bought it too! That's a milestone really!

Speaking of milestones, max has had a few recently. he's totally in love with his feet! can't get enough of them, wants to hug and kiss them all the time in love with them! it's adorable! he also has started to play with small toys, and has passed a few of them from hand to hand. He also wants to stand all day long! i need to find a copy of Stand by REM and play it for him. he might like it....

In other family news, my little brother popped the question! this is very exciting news as we all really really like Heather. She's a really sweet person and compliments Jesse's personality well. We can't wait for that party!

Ok, now back to knitting :) my needles are getting cold....

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