Wednesday, November 28, 2007

just a short round up

thanksgiving was very nice, it wasn't very relaxing towards the end of the day but the day was filled with wonderful food and much thanks to be given. i cooked a turkey, so did my dad. i roasted mine with a fresh herb butter that i pushed between the skin and rubbed on the outside, then i stuffed it with a fairly traditional stuffing. i also made green bean casserole and chris made some fantastic brussels sprouts with bacon and onions. mmmm big hit! after dinner, my body crashed.... i had been on my feet too much and i couldn't stand any longer. so my mom, mother in-law and sister in-law all did the clean up. i did what i could while sitting. i divided up the left overs so that everyone could take some home with them. other than that, the day was wonderful!

chris and i had a wedding to shoot on saturday, that also went well. i was on my feet a lot that day too but it wasn't as bad as thanksgiving. sunday we sorta crashed. i didn't do much of anything except play with max.

these past few weeks i've just been feeling huge..... like pants not fitting and making me really uncomfortable huge.... i guess i'm just carrying much lower this time around thus the pants wearing and fitting problem... it's totally expected but just a bit of a pain in the belly...

as for everything else pregnancy related, there isn't much to report. i'll be 30 weeks this coming friday. and there are times when i feel like i'm going to split in half at the crotch but hey, i suppose that it's all part of the game right?

as for max, he's gaining speed. no new tricks, he's still helping us clean up the floors which is very helpful of him. he was 15 months yesterday and has his 15 month checkup this friday. he's scheduled to get the first round of mmr shots and a flu shot. i was up in the air about what to do with this for the past few months regarding the autism claims and such. i think we've decided to go ahead with it. there is nothing that seems to really be solid out there regarding claims that it does trigger autism.... i have a few more questions that are directly for the dr. and depending on those, we'll see what happens. chris gets to take max to the dr this time, as i have a meeting to attend.

that, is about it in a nutshell.... nothing too exciting...

ooh, crafty updates, i'm nearly close to being finished with moderne, i'm on block 6 and it's reaching a perfect size. i think after this block is finished, i'll do some sort of boarder and call it a day.

place mats for my mom.... yeah, the fabric is still in the laundry pile. i need to pull that out over the weekend.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

some of him and some of me

so i get comments all the time, they go like this:

wow, he really looks a lot like daddy!


wow, he's looking more and more like you as he gets older!

these seem to flip flop daily. i think he looks like max, but that's just me ;)

however, today, chris and i have found a trait that really does make him look err act like daddy.... since we all know that i'm not the neatest and more full or order family member....

i have somehow given birth to a neat freak... we've known that he isn't one to enjoy a mess... for a reminder check out the huge pouty face he is giving in all of his birthday photos where his hand is covered in icing... yeah, hates sticky fingers, will hold his hand out for me to clean it mid meal time if it's overly sticky or messy....

his latest? he has started to clean up the floor for me after he eats. which really couldn't have started at a better time since bending over is really a huge pain in the belly for me in my current state of being 28 weeks along with andrew. so 1st, i clean him, then clean up his tray, then i get him out of his high chair and he starts to bend over and pick up the food that he has flung off of his tray and onto the floor. usually i put my hand out and he puts it in my hand.

a few times while spending time in the kitchen while daddy cooks, max will pick up a food item that has fallen on the floor, again, i put out my hand and he puts it in there. well, in the past few days i've been teaching him to instead of giving trash to me, he should put it directly into the trash can. we did this a few times today. he's very helpful.

then i caught him cleaning up even without being told to do so. he found two crumbs under the table that we missed, he picked them each up and put them back on the table for me... i watched him do this from the living room. then i watched him, MID PLAYTIME WITH DADDY, pick up a piece of lint from the living room rug and walk into the kitchen with it, chris didn't notice what was happening so i called his attention to it and asked him to peek in on him. max had picked up the lint and was headed for the trash can. he threw it away! LOL

he also is really started to understand when i ask him to do things. he was starting to really get under our feet in the kitchen while dinner was being prepared so as a diversion tactic i asked him where his water was. he went into the living room and found his sippy cup of water and brought it to me. after i asked him to do that and he left the room chris said, if he comes back with his water, i really need to start watching what i say. wouldn't you know it, he came back with his water. chris and i had a pretty good laugh about it and have vowed to really and i mean really watch ourselves around max.

it's so amazing to watch how he learns and grows and to experience all the new things that he does each day :) that by far is the most enjoyable part of parenting, watching the learning experience get more and more complex day by day.

i leave you now with a recent photo:

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

crafty updates

i broke in my new machine over the weekend. i completed 4 of the 5 curtain panels needed for the bedroom. i didn't get all 5 done because the fabric is a bitch to sew, it's faux suede and annoying as heck... so instead of being pissed about my sewing i made some coasters.

they turned out ok, they are just for us and were my first attempt at making coasters... i used some of the fun stitches that my new machine can do and frankly i was tired and didn't really consider how to negotiate around the corners with said stitches... so the top two turned out the best, the bottom two are a bit messy but still will act as coasters :)

i also went shopping, and bought this:and this:
the squirrellie fabric with the chenille will be used to make two scalloped blankies from bend the rules sewing. isn't that fabric fun? considering i have never made ONE DAMN THING for maxwell, i figured a blankie would be a good place to start. so i'm making two, one for him and one for andrew.

the bottom fabric will be a set of place mats and coasters for my mom for her birthday. i will be using the place mat pattern from bend the rules sewing for those too.

on the knitting front, i have bootie number two almost finished, i need to knit the straps then sew it together and weave in the ends and sew on buttons. i STILL have not picked up Baby Moderne in way too long. someone needs to kick my ass into major knitting gear.... this gift is due in TWENTY-FIVE DAYS and i'm still only in section 4....

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

i wanted to share this link with my crafty friends

i saw this linked from another blog and i had to check it out. i'm going to be making some of these items for gifts, just not sure what yet :) thought you guys might be inspired too :) this offers an explanation of what their blog will be offering for the month of november. this is the main page to their blog.

so far there are some great gift ideas that seem fairly easy to sew up.

i'm curious to see what they have in store for ties and belts on the 10th and warm those toes on the 15th plus others of course. i've pulled my dad's name for christmas this year so i'm trying to go the crafty and creative route. so far, i've he's getting lemoncello and i need a few more smaller items. i hand sewn tie would be great! and he would totally wear it!

i'll keep you posted on what i decide to create :)

Monday, November 5, 2007

good friends

this weekend was the wedding of two great friends of ours, leo & anne. chris and i have known leo for as long as we've known each other. in fact, chris met leo 6 months prior to meeting me, and i met leo shortly after meeting chris. since then, we've hung pretty tight. been through a lot. cranky times, happy times, lots of drunken times.... along with the three of us, there have always been other roommates and friends who we all have met and grown to love and still see every so often. but this weekend gave us all some much needed time to catch up and let loose (well, let loose as much as a pregnant woman who is 6 months along can, gha... i had to pee after every single song that i danced to!)...

we've seen a few "others" come and go from leo's life and none of them brought the true leo out to play like anne does. she's perfect for him and he adores her like nothing else :) it really did make us all so happy to see him in such a state. it's something i noticed the first time the four of us went out together and from that point forward, i just KNEW that they would be married in no time.

as for our other college friends, it was so great to party with them. something we haven't done in a LONG time. it's surprising how close we all are even though we're all in different parts of town and different stages in life. we can still manage to get together and have a great time. not too many college buddies and roommates can do that.

over all it was a great time, spent with great people and friends. it makes you realize how much you should cherish friendships that you have had for so long. we all might do our own thing and go our own directions but in the end, we spent some pretty awesome times together and the love and support that was there some 7 years ago is still there today.

i'll leave you with this, a photo of chris and i just before we left the house for the ceremony. just for record keeping sake, i'm 26 weeks along with andrew in the photo:

oooh, and a side note about the dress.... which if i do say so myself looked pretty hot! lol... two weeks prior i had tried on a few other dress options. they looked fine, and i was content with picking one of the two. time check, 11 pm the night prior to the wedding, i put the same two dress options back on to make my final decision and found that both options were HORRIBLE.... i looked like a huge dumpy mess and there was no way that i was going to attend a wedding looking like i did in those two dresses. so... what did i do... jumped on the internet, found a dress at target and decided that early saturday morning i would head there to try on this dress. it was $27.99, and fit like a freakin' glove! i felt so much better in it. so there i am, in the above photo in a dress that i had purchased two hours prior... way to be prepared cara, way to be prepared....