Monday, August 24, 2009

The Last 35 days in Photos

Yes, I've been MIA... I'm chalking it up to having too much fun thus no time to blog... or at least not much time to organize my thoughts into post format.... I apologize! Frankly, with all the fun we've been having, there is OF COURSE an abundant amount of photos to go along with it. 111 (after edits) to be exact... So the thought of organizing our summer fun into posts was a bit daunting since i had to deal with flickr and my photos first...

So here we are, the last 35 days in photos. (Some of the photo credits go to Chris, it should be fairly obvious which ones... I'm in them! lol)

July 21st - Chris and I each took a kid and had some one on one time with them. Chris took Max on a short road trip to the Breezewood Exit on the PA Turnpike so that they could explore an abandoned portion of the turnpike there. It's been closed off to motor vehicles for quite a long time but bicycles are welcomed! Photos can be found here. That day, I took Andy to the zoo! It was so much fun to spend time with him and just him. He never gets to have 100% of me! It was a treat for both of us.

August 1st - Chris took Max fishing with a friend of ours, however Max had developed a nasty rash the day before... (not our finest parenting moment) so I'm not certain that he really enjoyed himself, he looks absolutely miserable in the photos....

That night Max's rash got quite nasty so we decided to take a trip to the ER. He enjoyed it! LOL

Max spent some time making funny faces while we waited.

We spent the next few days relaxing and staying out of the sun so that Max's spots would could heal. We did play outside a bit in the evenings since it was the cooler part of the day, that included some chalk drawings in front of the house.

August 4th - ANOTHER trip to the zoo.... this time it was member appreciation night so the four of us got to go! We ran into Annie and her family in the parking lot and again in the aquarium so we stopped for a family photo. And I took this AWESOME photo of the underneath of a starfish.

August 7th - We finally filled the new sand box, did a little yard work and cooled off in the kiddie pool!

August 12th - it had been raining for a few days so after dinner and before bedtime one evening we took the kids for a walk down to the train tracks in town where we spent 45 minutes for the next train to come... here we are practicing to cover our ears :)

August 14th - We took a trip out to Idlewild with my parents. We walked through storybook forest, played in the ball pit (two times in a row), took a train ride, road the big ferris wheel and various other vehicles for the toddlers, some of us napped, some of us cried, and some of us swam. All other photos from this day can be viewed here.

August 15th - I sewed an adorable little pillowcase dress for an adorable little 1 year old. (separate blog post about that in the near future).

August 16th - We attended a 1st birthday party for the above mentioned adorable little Charlotte! Five Stars to her parents for having the most entertaining and fun toddler party EVER! There were about 6 toddlers in attendance and it happened to be one of the HOTEST days of the summer. They had a LARGE tent and tables for the adults to sit under and for the kids, there was a sprinkler, a blow up pool and a slip and slide. We arrived, put the kids swim suits on and let them loose. It was a blast to watch them all have so much fun! Even the folks that were there without children mentioned how fun it was to watch the kids have so much fun! (the entire set can be found here)

August 16 - 19 - We had Chris's Aunt Debbie and Uncle Larry visiting the area from Denver. We did some fun things and had time to visit. We went on a Just Ducky Tour as a big group followed by lunch in Station Square. Tuesday everyone came to our house for dinner and dessert and Wednesday we all went to OH for dinner again. Their visit was a blast! Photos are here.

August 20th - Max had preschool orientation. Chris and I both took him and he had a blast playing with some of the toys in the classroom. We recieved a list of items that he'll need before school and instruction on what he'll be learning and doing while he's there. We're all really excited about this! Here he is in his classroom :)

Later that morning we went to the zoo again with a friend of mine. it was HOT and the kids were pretty tired from their busy week prior... so we cut it a bit short but still had fun. We FINALLY got to see the polar bears swimming! HOW FUN! i didn't manage any photos of this but it was really amazing!