Saturday, February 23, 2008

goal achieved

after a few nights on the couch with andrew in the pack and play, we have finally got our bed back and a baby sleeping in his crib. i missed sleeping in my bed. it seemed like it had been weeks since i had done so.... maybe it's because prior to delivery, i was hard to even get comfortable there.... i dunno. it doesn't matter now though because well, two nights down and we aren't looking back. YAY! his schedule is still morphing a bit but it's not flip flopped and he's at least sleeping where he's supposed to be and so am i. have i ever mentioned how much i LOVE my bed? i really truly love my bed and was missing it like you have no idea.... as of this morning, i've been back in bed for two nights and it feels wonderful! Yay! andrew seems to be waking once in the middle of the night after nursing around 10:30/11 pm. the first night he woke at 2:30 and didn't go back down until 4.... yipes... but last night he nursed like crazy all evening (i'm assuming this was his cluster feeding) then woke at 2, nursed for a good 20 minutes solid, then went right back to sleep until 6:30. then nursed for about 20 minutes from both sides and has been sleeping since. :)

for whatever reason while i nursed max, i didn't have anything in the nursery to do while i was in there with him.. IE read. thus i often dozed off and i also might have rushed a few feedings at that late hour. with andrew, i've decided that i need to read. something that i haven't done in forever! i have a book requested from the library, but i don't expect that to be available for a while.... so in the meantime i started reading Freakonomics last night. i started this book a while back but quickly put it down because i needed to start reading pregnancy books. and those took precedence at the time. so far i've completed the first chapter again, and i'm enjoying it. i haven't read for pleasure in a LONG time. i have the Happiest Baby on the Block requested from the library, as suggested by my pediatrician. so i'll be looking forward to reading that. however i would like to throw a novel into the mix as well. anyone out there have any suggestions? I enjoy light books, jane green is a favorite and others like her are also enjoyed. i also like grisham, but i'm not sure i'm in the mood for that sort of book at this time. really, i guess my likes are kinda all over the place.... just nothing about killing and scary plot lines... suggestions are welcome!

today, i'm headed to the mall, my mom and i and andrew of course are heading out for some much needed shopping! yay! i have been looking forward to this for a few days! wish me luck in that i find some good deals and stuff that i actually like!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

what I'VE been up to

aside from the obvious, taking care of children and such... i got to give myself some time today :)
as i'm typing, max is still napping and andy is too. with chris home today, i managed to take a shower, dry my hair and use my flat iron! when i got dressed i managed to fit into a regular girl sweater and chris noticed that i was wearing normal clothes too!!! bonus! i'm sure he was sick of seeing my in lounge pants and knit tops... i sure was sick of it... after my shower i also got to do something completely luxurious... trim my toenails! LOL i realize that doing that isn't really all that fabulous but considering just over a week ago i couldn't REACH them... and that was the case for a very very long time.... this was a wonderful thing to have a minute to tend to. after that i promptly washed my hands and baked a cake! an easy cake none-the-less, but it's still a cake! yay! for those of you who have annie's adoption cookbook, it's the TollHouse Cake located on page 155 or 1554. it's very yummy and a cinch to toss together.

after i put that together, i called a friend back who i hadn't talked to in a long time. we caught up a bit. then it was time to nurse so i mustered with some foresight I rounded up a magazine, sat down and enjoyed a nice long session with andy and a magazine from the front to back cover! all with a sleeping baby in my arms :)

now it's time to get things together to head to my parents for dinner, (above mentioned cake is to take with). i just have to pack the diaper bag, and finish getting myself put together and we can take off!

now if only i could have my husband on hand daily so that things would run this smooth every day....

Saturday, February 16, 2008

what we've been up to

well, not a whole heck of a lot... lots of poopy diapers, lots of eating, lots of napping, lots of just kinda sitting around... oh and lots of playing and reading with max.

two days ago, i had a visit from amanda and eleni. that was a nice welcomed treat! she brought some fantastic looking dinner that i plan to pop in the oven this evening! thanks lady!

as of that evening, i made the decision to have andrew sleep in our bed for a little while so that i can get some sleep and he can work on getting his days and nights in the right place. so far so good. last night he only woke twice to nurse. i'm going to go forward with this method for a few more days then start to transition him to his crib after he nurses. because of this decision i feel like 100 bucks again. it's amazing what a little sleep will do for a person. prior to thursday night we had been sleeping on the couch and then i tried to put him into his crib while getting up to nurse and it was just a disaster and it made me miss out on a lot of needed sleep. i was a crabby, emotional mess and that's not good for anyone.

since not much else has been going on, here are some photos:

my three guys

a little napping and a little reading

Sunday, February 10, 2008

from 3 to 4

wednesday, feb 7
i had a feeling that something was going to happen... i just felt "odd". i needed to shower and chris had some events planned for work that made it so he wouldn't be home until late. so i called my mom to come hang with max while i showered. we ate dinner, hung out, chris got home, we put max to bed and i sat down. then i had a contraction around 9 pm. then another about 6 minutes later. they started out a little light but then soon turned stronger and bypassed the braxton hicks contractions that i had been having on and off for about a week and a half prior. they were never really uncomfortable. after i had these contractions for an hour i called the doctor and they suggested i come in to be checked out. i called my mom, she came to stay at the house with max and off we went. it was just before midnight. i got to the hospital they took me to my room and promptly checked me. i was 5 cm and 70% effaced. my water was still not broken. they said, that i was in fact in labor and that i was "a keeper" they started an IV drip so that i could have my epi then have my water broken. the epi took really well initially, when i couldn't feel anything they broke my water, holy heck what a relief that was.... it was like the balloon had been popped and i had room to breathe again. after that i was instructed to get some rest. it was about 3 am. for the next hour i started to feel contractions coming harder and harder and quicker and quicker but i could only feel this on my left side. i paged the nurse but the hospital paging system was all wonky because we were having some bad weather and the system was knocked out. she didn't come for about 20 minutes... oops... i was a bit groggy so i kinda didn't notice tooo too much... until they got to be pretty unbearable and i was about to send chris out to find her when she came in to find me in pain. she then had my epi fixed and in no time i was comfortable again but since the fix really fixed the entire epi, it made my right side completely numb.... i had cement leg and couldn't move it to save my life! i so didn't care though because i was a happy laboring woman about to have her baby. about an hour after the fix i was checked again and was at 8 cm. 6 am rolled around and soon after that, it was time to push. but since i couldn't feel much, that was a bit of a challenge. we took it slow at first until i got my barrings and could start to feel a bit more.... then we really started to push around 7. but of course that's when my contractions started to get a little spacey... they gave me a small dose of pitocin and off we went. it was just chris, me and the nurse for most of the pushing. which was really nice. just about when i was ready to deliver, dr fuoss came in and got everything ready. i pushed a few more times with him and out came andrew at 8:33 am, feb 7th. it was not as painful this time as it was with max. i think partially because the epi was in full throttle. he was just perfect! and stunned everyone with his whopping size! 10 lbs 3 oz! yipes! i laughed and said, "holy shit! you have GOT to be kidding me!" when they told me how much he weighed. nice to curse but hey, it was an emotional time!

since it was a thursday morning and family members were at work, chris and i really got to get to know him alone for a while until we got our first visitors, chris's mom and max and my mom. max didn't really know what to make of andrew at first and i think he was confused as to where he was and what was all going on. in fact the entire time i was in the hospital max was a little amiss.

the next two days, were pretty uneventful. a few visitors came to see us, we nursed and bonded and i got to nap and sleep as much as possible. we got home saturday around 11 am. then around 3 pm my parents brought max back home and we spent the rest of the day getting to know each other as a family of four. that evening, things got a little rough... max went to bed, and apparently didn't hear a thing the entire night. chris and i were not so lucky... andrew kept us getting up and out of bed at least 15 times.... my milk had not come in and he was starving.... we ended up supplementing with formula a bit just to get him satisfied so that we could get a little sleep. then this morning at 8:45 am, it was like someone had turned on the faucets and we haven't had to look back. he has however, spent most of the day attached to me... i think he was making up for lost time with no food.... poor little guy.

As for the rest of us. i'm feeling pretty good considering... chris is just tired, totally expected. and max, well max is doing great in his new role as a big brother. since we've been home, he has been very interested in andrew. he gets concerned when he starts to cry and he gives him kisses when it's time to go to bed. it's very cute and very endearing. i can't wait to watch these two get to know each other as brothers :) it's going to be such a huge treat as a mother to watch this story unfold.

more to come in the next few days