Sunday, February 17, 2008

what I'VE been up to

aside from the obvious, taking care of children and such... i got to give myself some time today :)
as i'm typing, max is still napping and andy is too. with chris home today, i managed to take a shower, dry my hair and use my flat iron! when i got dressed i managed to fit into a regular girl sweater and chris noticed that i was wearing normal clothes too!!! bonus! i'm sure he was sick of seeing my in lounge pants and knit tops... i sure was sick of it... after my shower i also got to do something completely luxurious... trim my toenails! LOL i realize that doing that isn't really all that fabulous but considering just over a week ago i couldn't REACH them... and that was the case for a very very long time.... this was a wonderful thing to have a minute to tend to. after that i promptly washed my hands and baked a cake! an easy cake none-the-less, but it's still a cake! yay! for those of you who have annie's adoption cookbook, it's the TollHouse Cake located on page 155 or 1554. it's very yummy and a cinch to toss together.

after i put that together, i called a friend back who i hadn't talked to in a long time. we caught up a bit. then it was time to nurse so i mustered with some foresight I rounded up a magazine, sat down and enjoyed a nice long session with andy and a magazine from the front to back cover! all with a sleeping baby in my arms :)

now it's time to get things together to head to my parents for dinner, (above mentioned cake is to take with). i just have to pack the diaper bag, and finish getting myself put together and we can take off!

now if only i could have my husband on hand daily so that things would run this smooth every day....


Michelle said...

I distinctly remember the first time postpartum that I actually dried and styled my hair to go out. It was a transforming beat out the first time I left the house without a nursing bra just by a smidgen.

Yay for primping (or for husbands home to make it happen)!

Amanda said...

Glad to hear that you had a moment of normal! That cake sounds yummy too! We missed you at knitting- maybe next month!

Annie and Greg said...

Damn girl. Are you on crack? In all my 29 years I have never had time to bake a cake, let alone do it with two under two hanging around. Okay, so really I have never had a desire really to bake a cake which is why I never baked one but that is besides the point.