Campaigns I've contributed to:

Steaz Teas Targets Bloggers For Awareness Campaign

By Amy Corr, Monday, April 12, 2010
Small budgets have yielded hefty payoffs lately for brands embracing the power of the blogger. ASICS sent European bloggers on a virtual scavenger hunt while Vodafone sought the help of 15 bloggers in the Netherlands to create a treasure hunt using social networks. 

Stateside, Steaz Teas targeted mommy bloggers to enhance its brand awareness when allotted coveted shelf space at Target stores on a trial basis........(cont.)

Case study: Doubling Sales Through Social Media

By Paul Magnani April 30, 2010 

Organic tea brand Steaz came to Chemistry needing to generate nation-wide awareness and drive Steaz sales at Target stores -- and quickly. Steaz's new presence in 1,500-plus Targets nationwide had just quadrupled its shopping audience -- in geographic and demographic markets where the brand was practically unknown. The brand needed to keep that window of opportunity from shutting as fast as it had opened...... (cont.)