Friday, September 21, 2007

quick update

i know a lot of you already know this but i have a few out of town friends who read this and i want to share with them the good news :)

today we had our big ultrasound, and found that i am def. going to be outnumbered in the house... max is going to have a little brother :) we're really excited about it! and bunk beds are going to be ordered in a few weeks to celebrate! i can't wait for them to be best friends. since they will be so close in age, i see no problem with achieving this best buddy status between them.


Thursday, September 20, 2007


i have purchased my first pair of dpn's *gah!* and i also purchased yarn to make these the dpns are for these too, as i couldn't find regular needles in a small enough size so i was forced to by dpn.... i did a test run because i was antsy and i wanted to see if i could do it.... i used kitchen cotton and size 5's, the one is big enough to fit maxwell as a slipper... but hey i did it, and i'm proud.

here's a photo of the mock up one... no sewn in ends yet... and they have a mistake right in the front of the toe box... but it still turned out pretty cute in my opinion.

here is a photo of the yarn i purchased for when i start the real ones, the colors are jet (a nice teal color) and lemone (very pale yellow):

and here is some other yarn that i purchased yesterday. while in the store the pink seemed more red and my vision was to knit max a winter hat with it... but... i got it home and realized that the "red" was reallly just a very bright pink.... and now i'm thinking that it might not be appropriate to knit maxwell a hat using this yarn... it's very nice and soft though and machine washable even though there is wool in it.

any suggestions on what to do with this yarn? i really like it and the colors... i might just go ahead and knit max a hat with it... screw convention... if anyone has a simple/classic baby hat pattern they would like to share, please let me know :)

update on us: i'm feeling grand, i have my big ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow morning, hopefully we'll find out what we're having :) that means that i'm also 20 weeks along. i've been feeling slight movement, usually in the evenings but i believe that my placenta is again attached to the outside wall of my uterus again thus creating a bit of a buffer between the baby and my belly, which means i can't feel as many kicks as you would if you placenta were attached to the back wall of the uterus where it usually is attached. this isn't a problem it's just how i seem to do things... a bit backwards. lol

max is well, he said, "bye bye daddy" the other day, i cried... and he's been saying no and what i think is nose. and he knows where my ears are... all exciting things :)

Monday, September 10, 2007

i think i'm crazy... contemplating travel

i just need to write about this... just kind of a mental blab that i need to do in order to get my thoughts in order...

so a few weeks ago we found out that chris will be heading to london this spring with this department. well, initially i was really bummed that i wouldn't be able to go with... since i'll have max and baby r ii who will only be 4 months...

but after talking in more detail with chris about it i think we've decided that if i can find a direct flight then i'll come too. i won't stay for the entire time he is there. just 5 or 6 days instead of his 15. but that means traveling by myself with the two kids... i will only do it if i can find a direct flight... and even if that means if i have to drive to dc, stay with my cousin or by best girl friend (yes that's you val - i'll be talking with you in much greater detail about this soon... and of course asking if you even mind *wink*) and then leave from there. it also means some time in london-town by myself with the kids too, which i wouldn't mind too much. there are things i want to go and see that i'm sure chris could do without.

but my main reasons for wanting to go are duh the obvious one, it's london, who wouldn't want to go there with their spouse... but two, chris and i want to travel with our little family and we don't want to wait until the youngest (who isn't even in gestation yet) is at the very least over the age of 6... that's a long time from now and frankly we want a family and we want to travel so that means that i need to strap on my boots and make a go at it. i figure that london is pretty tame in terms of the "european metro city" i think my major travel abroad worries are fairly non-existent with traveling to this city because of the lack of language barrier. thus i figure if i'm going to internationally travel with young children then this would be a perfect first time location. i am currently just worried about the particulars... getting max, and the new baby on and off the plane. keeping max entertained while holding the 4 mo. old. not totally annoying all the other passengers on the flight with me and my mothering ability, my toddler and a possible wailing infant who wants nothing to get some boob.

then i wonder would it make more sense to take an overnight flight? would max be sure to sleep if it were sleeping hours? would i get any sleep? i'm thinking that an overnight flight would be a bad idea for all parties involved...

then upon my arrival, are strollers something that is able to be rented? it's a big metro city... i would THINK so... but i guess you never know... then, packing reasonably for a toddler, an infant and myself... how does one do that? can i plan on just purchasing item there? would that be a hassle?

needless to say, i think i have a few lists that i need to create and compare. and some googling that need to happen so that i can make my decision.

any outsider thoughts are more than welcome. even if they are to tell me that i'm a complete loon and that i shouldn't in a million years consider traveling to london by myself with two children under the age of two... i'm a big girl, i can take it :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

just a little update

max is 1 year and 1 week old and doing great! he's slowing down a bit on his food intake, so i just offer him food and if he doesn't eat it, i don't press the issue, i just offer him more at a later time. that seems to be working, sorta...

he is also very very close to taking his first steps. right now he is so excited to walk holding onto my hands or anyone elses for that matter all around the house, or in the yard, or down the sidewalk. it's cute! chris and i have been encouraging him to walk a short distance alone between us but as of right now, really all he can manage is to do a belly flop in either direction, close but not quite... not trying to rush anything though.

he has also started to brush his own teeth, talk about adorable! i plop him on top of the (closed) toilet seat, put tooth paste on his brush, and hand it to him. i then do the same with my own toothbrush and we brush our teeth together, he tries to mimic everything i do except for the spitting into the sink part. talk about adorable :)

we also went out this past weekend and got him his big boy car seat! he now faces forward in the car and loves it! i can look back at him and he just smiles right back! it's fun, i just have to remember that i'm driving and i'm supposed to keep all eyes on the road at all times, not on my cute kid in the backseat lol...

as for me, i'm almost 18 weeks along (just shy by two days). i feel great! i just started sleeping with my body pillow again and i don't know why i hadn't done so a few weeks ago because i'm finally sleeping well again. well, as best as i can expect to be. one thing i'm patiently waiting for is for the weather to cool down soon so that i can go shopping for some fall/winter maternity clothes, something i really don't have much of... chris doesn't know it but he he should be so glad that since i'm not working i can get away with piecemealing my outfits together at the moment, something i could never do if i were working in an office or something... however i have no long pants that will fit in a few weeks except for one pair of very nice dress pants which i don't plan on wearing around the house while i push max around on his tractor... so a shopping excursion will be in order soon, i hope sooner rather than later, this heat and humidity is really starting to get to me... i want the cool crisp fall days to return and i want that soon!

oh, as of about a week or two ago, i had to take my wedding rings off... one part of pregnancy that i absolutely hate. i can manage to wear them during the day but if i dare sleep with them on... it's not good. so instead of forgetting to take them off at night i just haven't been wearing them at all. something i hate to do because when not pregnant, i never ever ever take them off... i've managed to wear them for special events and such but on the normal day of errands and what not, i just don't bother. so far i haven't noticed any "looks" from the local biddies with regards to my lack of ring, child on my hip and another in my belly... hopefully i don't encounter any stupid no-it-all's because i guarantee they will get an ear full if they even so much as look at me funny... and yes, i realize i could wear a different (larger) ring in their place and i did that last time but it just makes me feel like i'm cheating... on what, i don't know...

well, that's about all for this week.