Thursday, September 20, 2007


i have purchased my first pair of dpn's *gah!* and i also purchased yarn to make these the dpns are for these too, as i couldn't find regular needles in a small enough size so i was forced to by dpn.... i did a test run because i was antsy and i wanted to see if i could do it.... i used kitchen cotton and size 5's, the one is big enough to fit maxwell as a slipper... but hey i did it, and i'm proud.

here's a photo of the mock up one... no sewn in ends yet... and they have a mistake right in the front of the toe box... but it still turned out pretty cute in my opinion.

here is a photo of the yarn i purchased for when i start the real ones, the colors are jet (a nice teal color) and lemone (very pale yellow):

and here is some other yarn that i purchased yesterday. while in the store the pink seemed more red and my vision was to knit max a winter hat with it... but... i got it home and realized that the "red" was reallly just a very bright pink.... and now i'm thinking that it might not be appropriate to knit maxwell a hat using this yarn... it's very nice and soft though and machine washable even though there is wool in it.

any suggestions on what to do with this yarn? i really like it and the colors... i might just go ahead and knit max a hat with it... screw convention... if anyone has a simple/classic baby hat pattern they would like to share, please let me know :)

update on us: i'm feeling grand, i have my big ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow morning, hopefully we'll find out what we're having :) that means that i'm also 20 weeks along. i've been feeling slight movement, usually in the evenings but i believe that my placenta is again attached to the outside wall of my uterus again thus creating a bit of a buffer between the baby and my belly, which means i can't feel as many kicks as you would if you placenta were attached to the back wall of the uterus where it usually is attached. this isn't a problem it's just how i seem to do things... a bit backwards. lol

max is well, he said, "bye bye daddy" the other day, i cried... and he's been saying no and what i think is nose. and he knows where my ears are... all exciting things :)


Amanda said...

1. the test bootie looks great! I am sure that the next try will be even easier.
2. LOVE the yarn that you selected. Great colors. Don't be afraid of the DPNs... you will just use them like a normal straight needle.
3. I have used Plymouth Encore yarn for a few projects. It washes wonderfully in the machine and has good yardage for the price. From the picture the yarn colors look more masculine than feminine to me with all of the blues and greens. No pattern suggestions, but if I have leftover blanket yarn I might be looking for one too!

Amanda said...

Oh- And best of luck at the big ultrasound!! I was thinking of you last night and remembered it was today. Felt like a heel for not saying something sooner. Hope that baby R II cooperates!

Erin said...

yay, another dpn convert! :)

The bootie looks great. I'm sure your finished pair will be as adorable as the baby they are knit for.

Anna said...

I confess I HATE dpns. I need to get it together and learn magic loop or the two circs method. Lisa keeps offering to teach me magic loop, and I ought to take her up on it.

That looks like "boy" yarn, or gender neutral yarn to me. I think even some pink is fine for a boy (Carson on Queer Eye says pink is universally flattering on men, and I saw how he demoed it by having all these guys put on pink shirts, and he was right!)

jen said...

I'm a dpn hater myself.

I think the yarn is fine for a boy. I have a book with some hat patterns you could check out on Sunday.

cara said...

i think i'm liking the yarn for a boy too... yes, jen please bring the book on sunday :)

amanda, - don't feel like a heel... i find it hard enough to keep track of my own life let alone all of my friends :) no worries!

thanks for all the wonderful dpn wishes girls especially from you haters LOL... i purchased them in bamboo so hopefully they will grip a bit and things won't fall off... i contemplated buying tip protectors to close the ends but couldn't find them small enough at joanns... wish me luck