Thursday, May 27, 2010

A New Hobby or Lifestyle - Running

I have joined the bandwagon or herd or pack shall we say, I've started running.  I know I know!  I am not sure how many times I have said it in the past, "I can't run!" "My body just wasn't made to run." or "Running? you have got to be crazy to run!"  yeah... I said that.  I also said, "I will NEVER drive a mini-van! EVAH!" yeah, you can see where that got me (proud new owner of a Mazda5 A.K.A. mini-van).... 

For the past few months, I've been watching friends update their facebook pages about their running endeavors. I would read their comments and their blogs about running and think, 'wow, ya know, she has four kids and still manages to find the time to run' or 'her schedule is much like ours CRAY ZEE and she finds the time too and hot damn she's looking great in those jeans'.  Pile those on top of a few others who modestly were running and mentioning it here or there and then add that to the running hype up that happens in the months and weeks prior to a local marathon or race.  On a very regular schedule I had one or two friends posting updates about their marathon training or race running.  That was enough for me to catch the bug and I started the couch to 5k running program a few days before the Pittsburgh Marathon. 

I just completed week 4, which means I'm a little behind on the schedule.  I had some major knee pain during weeks 2-3 that slowed me down, I gave myself a few extra days in between my runs to recuperate and it seemed to do the trick.  I woke up one morning with NO pain and I was ready to run again. 

C25K is a 9 week program that starts the runner out by running in short 60 second spurts between brisk walking.  Each week the running portions increase in time.  So far at the end of week 4, the longest time that I've run has been for 5 minutes straight. Next week that jumps to 8 minutes and then to 10 minutes and then to one 20 minute run all in the same week - it's going to be challenging but I am confident that I can do it!  In fact, I'm actually a little excited about the challenge.  Who the heck?  I don't think I've EVER EVER been excited about a physical challenge!  HA!  Something has changed folks...  something.has.changed. 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

CD Review: One eskimO

For my loyal readers and for those of you who may have just landed here for the first time today, I wanted to introduce you to a new feature of my blog.  The REVIEW feature.  From time to time, I'll be blogging about music, products and services.  All of the opinions you read here will be my own.  I will merely be reviewing said items with my own thoughts and feelings about them.  I will always tell you upfront that what you're reading is a review and I will always include information regarding my compensation in order to comply with FCC regulations for bloggers.

I was selected to review a self titled CD from One eskimO and let me tell you, this CD has now been officially placed into my own HEAVY ROTATION category for my own music listening pleasure!  One eskimO is a band of four guys from the UK (I have a thing for music from the UK)....  their sound is quite mellow which I really like!  I think it's the perfect soundtrack for warm weather chillin' on the deck with a drink, preferably beer or wine and being in the company of someone you kinda dig ;)  Currently they have a hit song called Kandi and you can see the video here:

I don't want to compare One eskimO to any other band but I will name a few that come to mind when listening to their album...  the use of saxophones and horns makes me think of Dave Matthews Band, the same goes for their melodic and happy vocals.  Another band that comes to mind is Oasis although, I'll be honest, I'm not sure why, maybe it's the mellow factor here? They really do remind me of music I listened to quite a bit in college but I still have a place for them in my mp3 player these days too (Jamiroquai also comes to mind here too).  Aside from who they remind me of they really do have a sound that is all their own.  It's modern and fresh without too much of one thing or too little of another.  This CD can be rated G from what I can tell and that means it is safe for the under 18 crowd.  My toddlers have heard parts of the CD in the car and around the house and they too seem to enjoy it, they are slightly picky with their musical tastes and prefer to listen to Humpty Dumpty or Dave Matthews...  I'm trying to help them branch out a bit.  LOL!

One eskimO has just launched their Spring/Summer tour, check out their site to see if they are visiting a city near you.  You can also get a free download of their song "Astronauts" via Twitter.  They can be found on Facebook too!

I received a full copy of One eskimO's self titled CD in order to listen to their music and write this review.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

See PA in a Chevy

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early so that we could get the kids packed up and ready to spend the day with their grandparents again. Yipee!  Why? Because Chris and I had a date with some local women bloggers and four BRAND spankin' new Chevy's and party of their See PA in a Chevrolet blogger initiative.

We left the kids with my parents and headed to Watson Chevrolet in Murraysville where we met up with two wonderful representatives with Chevy and our host Anne Fleming.  Anne founded in 2008 her site helps to connect women and families with certified Women-Drivers Friendly™ car dealerships.  If you have had a good or even bad experience at a dealer as a women please head to her site and review the dealer.  We recently upgraded my vehicle and our experience was very positive, I will be submitting a review of the dealer used this week, it is on my long list of things to do.

First things first, we were introduced to the cars.  Our fleet for the day consisted of four Chevrolet vehicles, the Traverse, Equinox, Malibu and a Camaro which Chris lovingly dubbed "the bitchin' Camaro".  There were six bloggers including me and our guests.  We all were able to drive all of the cars since our trip was purposely broken up a bit by stopping for a break, then lunch at Seven Springs then we continued on to tour Fallingwater. 

Each of the cars were fun to drive and ride in, roomy, functional, comfortable and fun to drive.   Here are a few photos from the day.

Eric, the professional car trainer, WOW!  He was really PASSIONATE about the cars!

Chris driving the bitchin' Camaro!

From left to right: Me, Emily, Courtney @courtsilvagni and @ChevyPA, Kirsten @TechDivaKirsten, Kim @Craftymamaof4, Mary @Marybabysteps, Beth @beth_a_caldwell, Anne @womendrivers, Linda @webbizgirl and Carolyn our GM rep.  Not pictured because he was behind at least eight different cameras was Chris @StartPointMedia.  

Chris and I both really enjoyed getting to know the cars and our time at Fallingwater.  BIG Thanks to Chevy as they provided transportation for the road trip, meals and free tickets to Fallingwater.

Photography credit: All photos from this post were provided courtesy of StartPoint Media, Inc.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Giveaway: MUD Glove - Mud Puddles

This giveaway has ended!  The winner is Sharon!  Entry number 5! I've emailed you Sharon, you have 48 hours to reply!  Thank you to everyone for entering!  Enjoy the weekend!

 **************************  GIVEAWAY CLOSED  ***************************
Hi Everyone!  I have a treat for you today!  I have a GIVEAWAY!

This winter, while in Nashville, I had the opportunity to be introduced to the Mud Glove company.  I received a free pair of their Mud Puddles for my kids to use and let me tell you, they are a BIG hit!  Max, especially loves using them since he's not one to like getting his hands dirty...  I can relate....  We use them in the yard helping daddy with the gardening and while digging in the sandbox.

Here is Max moving some rocks and bricks around the yard:

My surprise for you today is that I have another brand new pair to give away to one lucky reader!!!  Aren't you excited?

Here are the EXACT gloves you can win (yes they are pink):

Here's what you can do to win, FIRST just leave a comment saying simply, "Playing in the MUD is fun!".  In addition to that you can also do any of the following for extra entries.Please leave a separate comment telling me you've done any or all of the following and PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS!


  • Follow me on Twitter @cararolinson and leave a comment below.
  • Follow me with Google Friend Connect and leave a comment below (if you already follow me just let me know in the comments for your entry).
  • Tweet about this giveaway (one tweet daily only), leave a link to your Tweet in a comment below. RT: @cararolinson Giveaway: MUD Glove - Mud Puddles
This giveaway ends Thursday May 20th at midnight EST and the winner will be announced the next day.