Wednesday, November 28, 2007

just a short round up

thanksgiving was very nice, it wasn't very relaxing towards the end of the day but the day was filled with wonderful food and much thanks to be given. i cooked a turkey, so did my dad. i roasted mine with a fresh herb butter that i pushed between the skin and rubbed on the outside, then i stuffed it with a fairly traditional stuffing. i also made green bean casserole and chris made some fantastic brussels sprouts with bacon and onions. mmmm big hit! after dinner, my body crashed.... i had been on my feet too much and i couldn't stand any longer. so my mom, mother in-law and sister in-law all did the clean up. i did what i could while sitting. i divided up the left overs so that everyone could take some home with them. other than that, the day was wonderful!

chris and i had a wedding to shoot on saturday, that also went well. i was on my feet a lot that day too but it wasn't as bad as thanksgiving. sunday we sorta crashed. i didn't do much of anything except play with max.

these past few weeks i've just been feeling huge..... like pants not fitting and making me really uncomfortable huge.... i guess i'm just carrying much lower this time around thus the pants wearing and fitting problem... it's totally expected but just a bit of a pain in the belly...

as for everything else pregnancy related, there isn't much to report. i'll be 30 weeks this coming friday. and there are times when i feel like i'm going to split in half at the crotch but hey, i suppose that it's all part of the game right?

as for max, he's gaining speed. no new tricks, he's still helping us clean up the floors which is very helpful of him. he was 15 months yesterday and has his 15 month checkup this friday. he's scheduled to get the first round of mmr shots and a flu shot. i was up in the air about what to do with this for the past few months regarding the autism claims and such. i think we've decided to go ahead with it. there is nothing that seems to really be solid out there regarding claims that it does trigger autism.... i have a few more questions that are directly for the dr. and depending on those, we'll see what happens. chris gets to take max to the dr this time, as i have a meeting to attend.

that, is about it in a nutshell.... nothing too exciting...

ooh, crafty updates, i'm nearly close to being finished with moderne, i'm on block 6 and it's reaching a perfect size. i think after this block is finished, i'll do some sort of boarder and call it a day.

place mats for my mom.... yeah, the fabric is still in the laundry pile. i need to pull that out over the weekend.

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