Tuesday, November 20, 2007

some of him and some of me

so i get comments all the time, they go like this:

wow, he really looks a lot like daddy!


wow, he's looking more and more like you as he gets older!

these seem to flip flop daily. i think he looks like max, but that's just me ;)

however, today, chris and i have found a trait that really does make him look err act like daddy.... since we all know that i'm not the neatest and more full or order family member....

i have somehow given birth to a neat freak... we've known that he isn't one to enjoy a mess... for a reminder check out the huge pouty face he is giving in all of his birthday photos where his hand is covered in icing... yeah, hates sticky fingers, will hold his hand out for me to clean it mid meal time if it's overly sticky or messy....

his latest? he has started to clean up the floor for me after he eats. which really couldn't have started at a better time since bending over is really a huge pain in the belly for me in my current state of being 28 weeks along with andrew. so 1st, i clean him, then clean up his tray, then i get him out of his high chair and he starts to bend over and pick up the food that he has flung off of his tray and onto the floor. usually i put my hand out and he puts it in my hand.

a few times while spending time in the kitchen while daddy cooks, max will pick up a food item that has fallen on the floor, again, i put out my hand and he puts it in there. well, in the past few days i've been teaching him to instead of giving trash to me, he should put it directly into the trash can. we did this a few times today. he's very helpful.

then i caught him cleaning up even without being told to do so. he found two crumbs under the table that we missed, he picked them each up and put them back on the table for me... i watched him do this from the living room. then i watched him, MID PLAYTIME WITH DADDY, pick up a piece of lint from the living room rug and walk into the kitchen with it, chris didn't notice what was happening so i called his attention to it and asked him to peek in on him. max had picked up the lint and was headed for the trash can. he threw it away! LOL

he also is really started to understand when i ask him to do things. he was starting to really get under our feet in the kitchen while dinner was being prepared so as a diversion tactic i asked him where his water was. he went into the living room and found his sippy cup of water and brought it to me. after i asked him to do that and he left the room chris said, if he comes back with his water, i really need to start watching what i say. wouldn't you know it, he came back with his water. chris and i had a pretty good laugh about it and have vowed to really and i mean really watch ourselves around max.

it's so amazing to watch how he learns and grows and to experience all the new things that he does each day :) that by far is the most enjoyable part of parenting, watching the learning experience get more and more complex day by day.

i leave you now with a recent photo:


Anna said...

Can Max come over and help Henry out with the cleaning?

I love this latest thing of them being able to understand and follow "simple" requests. Yesterday Henry found my shoes when I couldn't!

Amanda said...

If you needed help picking food up off the floor you should have said something... I have quite a team of helpers in that area!

jen said...

That's great! Finn still tries to eat any lint he finds on the carpet, but he did just help me pull laundry from the hamper and put it into the laundry basket. Of course when I told him that he had pulled whites and we weren't doing whites, he transfered all the white items back to the hamper. Complete fluke, I'm sure!

Amy said...

Adorable picture and I agree with the flip-flopping comments about who the child looks like. I just smile and say "Do you think so?" I don't have strong feelings either way, so whatever.

The cleaning up is very cute. Given Heather's current love of throwing things, I don't think that trait is in our future...

Sparx said...

Wow, he's more of a clean freak than the spud! Amazing, he's so clever! I hope you're managing ok with the pregnancy, it must be exhausting. At least you have a helper!