Thursday, December 21, 2006

the art of communication

i'm at a loss as to how this happens... but as children weren't we taught to only speak when the person we're talking to is finished talking and to not talk over others? were we all taught this or am i imagining it?

this happens to me more often than not. and it just grates my nerves... it makes me feel like the person i'm conversing with really could give a rats ass about what i'm saying. it's rude. and makes me feel bad. these people i might add, are friends! i just can't figure it out. they asked me a question and i'm answering them and they decide to have another conversation at the same time with someone else... it's like they are distracted or think they can multitask a conversation (which i might add, you shouldn't try to do) multitasking is fine when it's household chores or stuff at work... but a conversation? what the heck!

Onto a little knitting update:
i have finished more than half of my potholders, i've given two sets and both were received very well and were much appreciated! for not much work, these are the cutest little gifts. now if only my sewing machine wasn't so ancient and made a nicer stitch....

things left to do prior to the holiday:
wrap all gifts
bake two more kinds of cookies.
knit 1 1/2 more sets of pot holders, pin and sew them to completion.

i better get baking, wrapping and knitting

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