Tuesday, December 19, 2006

New ride

lots to update, we sold two of our cars and bought a used jeep this weekend. we both were driving a honda civic and a mazda protege plus chris bought an older jeep cherokee this past summer so that he can haul stuff for work and such. well that jeep needed some tlc, which it recieved and is now in tip top shape. so we decided to trade in our other two smaller cars for another, newer jeep for me. much more room for all of us and safer too. so now we're back down to a two car family which is much better considering we only have two drivers :)

i finished my christmas shopping, i just have to wrap them all and finish knitting a few of the potholders. two more sets to go :) i gave one set away already to grandma, she really loved them and said that she never remembers to buy them and she has needed to replace some of hers for a while :) i might make her some more. pat also noted that they were cute, little does she know that she's getting a set too. i'm giving another set away today to my hairdresser along with a loaf of bread, that i still need to bake.... which i need to get started on... tomorrow i'll give another set away to my friend denise. totally by accident i bought fabric and yarn that match her dishes exactly, so i'm sure she'll like them too.

well, i've got a busy day ahead of me.

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