Tuesday, December 12, 2006

cries from a terodactyl

that's what max sounds like when he's being cranky and wants something... a little baby dinosaur.... it's cute actually.

so i'm 1 gift from being finished with christmas shopping. and it's on order, so i can't go get it until it arrives. hope it arrives in time :) now i just have to wrap everything. i have lots of little items this year. so wrapping might take longer than usual... boo...

really not much is going on, just waiting for chris to be finished with the semester. he is almost finished with a built-in bench in the dining room that looks awesome. he just needs to sand, prime and paint it and it will be finished :) looks good! i'll take photos when it's done to share.

i wish i could type more and enjoy my tea a bit longer but above mentioned terodactyl is screeching from upstairs....

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