Friday, December 8, 2006

date night

i'm so happy, i'm almost done with writing out my christmas cards! i send out 62 cards and i only have 8 left to write and address. I'm waiting on updated address for those 8 or else i would be totally done with them. chris is out buying christmas stamps as we speak and as soon as those get here i'll stamp them all and they will go out in the mail tomorrow! i'm so happy to be done with this so early! i'm usually mailing my cards the week of christmas so this is great!

chris and i are going on a little date sans the baby tonight :) can't wait for that either. my parents are coming over to watch him. that will be nice.

max has had three bad nights in a row now... i think it's due to teething... he gets really cranky and won't go to sleep, he crys and screams it's futile... and very hard on us. he's been so easy up until now. even thought this isn't a huge crisis, he's previous easiness has spoiled us and has made this difficult to deal with.

that's all for now.

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