Tuesday, December 5, 2006

day two

getting up with chris wasn't so bad this morning, but that might have been because i HAD to in order to make it to my meeting on time. i went to a networking meeting for the first time this morning. it was the first "professional" work thing i've done since i left my job four and a half months ago. it felt great to be around business professionals and to have some conversation that consisted of things other than goo goo and gah gah. not that i don't love those conversations, those are great too, but an adult needs a certain amount of non baby time in order to keep a sane life. this meeting was catered by one of the network members, wow, it was really good. I love food and i especially love breakfast and THIS was a great one... i would love to find a recipe that would duplicate this, eggs, cheese, onions, sausage and a slightly sweet bread top that was puffy and really good all baked up in a casserole. fresh fruit salad too, and a yummy cherry scone. I am thinking that i'll have her cater our small gathering for after max's baptism.... it's only just family and the god parents but that's one less thing that i have to worry about right?

Knitting news: i found this great project on magknits.com it's super easy potholders i'm making these for a few of the women in my life. i just think they are so cute and i already have one done (with the knitting portion of it) with just putting in about a hours worth of knitting last night. I'm sure the sewing part will take a little longer but that's not a big deal. I love giving knitted gifts :) when i'm finished with them i'll take photos and share them here and probably on flickr.com as well.

well, i'm off to do a little more christmas shopping and to purchase some items for a baby shower that i'm helping out with this weekend.

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