Monday, January 21, 2008

third time IS a charm and other topics

ok, booties are complete, sorta kinda... i just have to sew them up and sew on some buttons. an hours worth of work, tops. blankie, totally complete and ready to be gifted. this is the second scalloped blankie that i've made from bend the rules sewing by amy karol. this time i used flannel on one side and a wavy chenille on the other. i didn't use a third middle layer since both outer layers were slightly poofy without the middle layer. it took me half the time to sew this one than it did the first one i did for amanda. this one took just over two hours from beginning to end. can't beat that! i need to now pin up and sew the other two i need to make for my own kiddos and i'll be right on track. photos of everything to follow after the weekend.

i went to visit my friend emma at the hospital this evening, she had her third baby on sunday, his name is henry. he's perfect! it was nice to see her and her new little guy :) it was also funny to walk onto the maternity floor at the hospital (where i'll be delivering in a few short weeks) to be greeted by the warm friendly nurses that work there. i had to ask for emma's room number and once she gave it to me the two nurses asked when i would be back! LOL i thought that was pretty funny. anyways, emma is doing well and so is her little guy, they both get to go home first thing tuesday morning.

not much else is new with me. i've been having braxton hicks in the evenings but nothing that is uncomfortable and nothing that is able to be timed.

max is effectively down to one nap, it's been about a week now that he's been taking one long nap in the middle of the day. i thought it would be hard on me... but it's actually going to be ok. since it's such a long span of time that he's napping, it makes it easier for me to get some things done. at least for the moment. until everything goes into a tail spin in a few weeks.... he also got a few more teeth. although he won't let me poke around in there long enough to really get a good idea of how many. he got two during chrismas and i believe he just got two more. that brings us to a total of 12. he's also doing super well with a fork and he can almost get things loaded onto his fork himself. almost.... in a few weeks i imagine it won't be an issue at all.

tips for mamas out there with little ones who aren't using a fork yet. we started out with those plastic forks that are rather nubby and the prongs are very pointy for obvious reasons. however we inherited a few old toddler forks from chris's family in the past few months, they are metal and are basically just smaller sized regular old forks. let me tell you. these have helped max tremendously in keeping food ON the fork. they actually grab the food and it stays there unlike the plastic variety. if you can find some of these, it's worth it to purchase a few. we won't be going back to plastic forks again. also, in a pinch he can totally use an adult sized fork, usually i give him one of the smaller/shorter pronged forks that we use and he's had no trouble with those either. it's amazing how fast this stuff changes!

look for photos of the completed craft projects either late this coming weekend or early next week.


Anna said...

Huh. Interesting about the fork. I don't know if you're following our Saga of Drool, but the doctor was concerned about H. not feeding himself. I think it's just a matter of being stubborn (wonder where he got that??), but he definitely wants our forks and not those plastic ones. I'll look for the kind you describe.

jen said...

I haven't even tried the plastic ones, but Finn has what I will call a metal spork and it is always my utensil of choice for him, although R is afraid he'll poke his eye out.

I can't wait to see the latest blankie.

Amanda said...

I refuse to allow eleni anywhere near a fork when she is eating :oP Maybe next year...

Can't wait to see the blankie photo.

Annie and Greg said...

Looking forward to the photos!

Melissa & Jon said...

Cara, you are exactly right about the forks. My grandmother sent my old child-sized Oneida stainless utensils. The era of fork frustration is over! Whoo! Funny to pop on here tonight and see that you'd posted about this Cara! Hope you're well!