Tuesday, January 1, 2008

happy new year!

it's 2008! i can't believe it! lots of great things to come this year, a new baby, a few vacations this summer and lots of family time.

so far this holiday season has been wonderful. chris has been off of work for what seems like forever. he doesn't go back to work full time until the 14th. between now and then we have a few meetings here at the house and he as to spend a few half days at school too to get things ready for the semester. but for the most part we STILL have about two weeks of play time left. having him home has been such a treat for max and ME. i've come to rely on him an aweful lot due to me just being so damn huge and uncomfortable. and frankly i'm dreading him going back to work because he's such a huge help around the house and with max.

we celebrated the new year with some friends who came over last night. i made some yummy snacks (they were super delish) and we played left right center for a few rounds. then around 11 pm, they went home, she's expecting and only 8 or 9 weeks along so she's super sleepy and couldn't keep her eyes open anymore. so chris and i 1st broke the tv then as fate would have it by 11:30 it magically fixed itself so that we could watch some rather lame countdown to the new year programming. this is kinda funny actually, i tuned to KDKA's local first night coverage to find them announcing the clarks up on stage. now i'm not a FAN of the clarks by any means but you really can't be a pittsburgher and NOT know a few of their songs. chris and i were then joking around and i said, "oh man i HOPE they play the penny song." totally NOT expecting them to do that since it's sortof a slow song with make out qualities.... but wouldn't you know it, that's the FIRST song they PLAYED? we were both hysterical about that... everyone in the crowd was swaying back and forth and it was totally lame... from there we flipped between the other local stations and a few news channels. midnight struck, we kissed, chris took a few videos of this.... he had been drinking heavilly and thought this was the height of hilarity. he also documented my huge belly and the cats and we went to bed. fun times!

today, i'm not doing much, we took the tree down this morning and put the living room back together. i left the other christmas decorations up though... i don't want to put those away just yet. max went down for a nap after that. and i've been since watching Run's House. my parents are planning to stop by shortly so i do need to go get dressed and make some brownies to take to my sil's house for dinner tonight.

as for knitting and crafting: i need to step on the gas. i have a baby shower to attend in 26 days, i need to knit one more bootie for that and sew the two of them up. i also have to make a scalloped blankie for that shower too. plus i need to sew two more scalloped blankies for max and andrew. i think i mentioned this before that i've decided that andrew is going to bring max's blankie to him as a little arrival gift. i hope max GET'S it. or at least likes the blankie. i've decided the deadline for those is also the 26th. i want to be done at least 2 weeks prior to my due date since i'm convinced that i'm going early. ha! if that isn't a jinx, i don't know what is.

max is totally moved into his new room. he loves it! i've moved his clothes in there too and chris is currently painting a set of shelves that he made for him. they are a sunny orange color that is going to look awesome with the blue walls. photos to come soon, i promise! i put some of max's 12 month clothings into storage, moved it all to his new dresser and put out some 0-3 month items into the nursery. all i have left to do is a very thorough cleaning of the nursery and then andrew is more than welcome to arrive.

i'm now having a hard time coming up with a way to end this post. so i suppose i'll leave you with a photo, my cutie pie:

happy new year everyone!


Amanda said...

Happy New Year!

Annie and Greg said...

Happy New Year to you@

RD said...

Well that's just an adorable picture! Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to knitting at your place soon. I'll bring my fuzzy alpaca scarf, which I did indeed make out of that wonderful yarn.

Melissa & Jon said...

You've been busy! Love that photo of Max! Happy New Year!!! See you next weekend.