Monday, January 28, 2008

i'm still here and my mommy rocks

andrew is still inside... max is in bed... chris is on his way home from work (thank god) and my mama rocks!

i called her in to help me this afternoon. since monday's are chris's long day at work (7 am - 9 pm) i knew it would just be too much for me to deal with max all day by myself. so my mommy came with dinner and helped me clean up the house, she even swept the floors and cleaned my stove top :) then we played with max and read to him a bunch and he entertained us too. then she helped me put him to bed. i didn't have to pick up up once, or carry him anywhere. thanks to her!

mama's rock and i just want her to know that :)

i wanted to add a photo of her to the post but then i realized that all the ones i have of her are really really OLD! max is like a year old in them or YOUNGER.... i need to take some photos of max and grandma soon!

let's hope this is my last post as a mother of one. i swear if things don't move along quickly i might just freak out.

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coquet's cache said...

Don't worry, kiddo, no one has ever been pregnant for more than like, a year.


Best wishes for a smooth delivery. =)