Thursday, January 24, 2008

i'm not sure why i find this funny.... pants!

i have grown out of a few more pairs of pants... granted... they ARE non-maternity lounge-wear/bed type pants but still. last week they fit (rather snug but they were still wearable), this week... not so much!

i don't know if this is a sign that maybe i've dropped since last week or what!? but all i know is that i find it kinda funny.

my pants that i can wear out in public have also been less and less wearable... i now have two and 1/2 pairs of pants that i can wear out of the house. yes, TWO and ONE HALF! the half pair has elastic in the waist that just gets too tight towards the end of the day... one of the other all day wearers, are knit and stretch out after about an hours worth of wearing, thus looking quite dumpy quite quickly and the third pair, they are black dress pants... thank god they are neutral enough to wear for dress and everyday. otherwise, i might end up having to go out pantsless... that would be a treat for everyone!

in other news, i went to annie's for a playdate today. and marcus did something funny.... max and i were getting ready to leave and i was standing in the kitchen when marcus comes up to my belly and sorta beat on it as if to say, suck that thing back in! lol i found it hilarious as it IS protruding a lot these days. we had a fun time over there AND i managed to keep max awake for the entire ride home thus not spoiling his nap. we had lunch then played for a bit more at home then down for a wonderful nap he went :) it worked out perfectly. thanks for having us annie!

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Annie and Greg said...

So glad you had fun! I was telling Greg last night how Marcus was trying to figure out why in the world you were hiding a big pillow under your shirt. Thanks for visiting!