Wednesday, June 6, 2007

weird dream that has been nagging me all day

so last night i had one of the most bizarre dreams that i've had in a long time... i dreamt that our neighbors home burned.... it was totally destroyed. the only thing left was an empty shell. apparently i was home at the time but didn't hear the fire trucks or anything and was pissed that no one knocked on the door to tell me what was happening. my neighbors were in my dream too. it was after the fire was out and i saw them and i was crying and so where they. i went to console my neighbor and he got mad at me and shooed me away. then in my dream i was thinking about how horrible it was then it dawned on my as to why their house had burned.... it was because they were having electrical work done on their 2nd floor and there was some faulty wiring that caused it. i was also really upset for them because i kept thinking that he had just retired and now he has no home... how horrible...

the weird part.... last week (in real life) they DID have electrical work done. how strange. and he's also retiring from his teaching job and has only three days of the school year left...

what a strange dream to have... it felt so real. i hate that.


Amanda said...

I hate to complain, but it has been some time since you last came up with something witty. I am begining to worry.
a concerned reader.

ps. looks like your blog was spammed. If you turn on that 'type the letters you see' box thing you can help eliminate that.

jen said...

Seriously...I'm glad someone else said it. Although, I expect more from her, too. Come on, ladies... entertain me!