Friday, June 15, 2007

my readers speak, my readers get

so yes, i have not had much in the witty department to blog about lately. sorry readers... i do have to say though that amanda, dear, you haven't had much either! and same goes for amy, but i know you've got a lot going on with your schedule and heather and your job. so... just know i'm not the only one with not much to say! lol jen, your new recipes look outstanding and your updates on Finn's food items, are entertaining :) annie, you've got a little bit going on right now too but you've had quite a lot of updates considering :)

however it's funny that you all mentioned this today because i was planning a little update prior to leaving... we're preparing to leave town for vacation soon and that's consuming our lives at the moment... we have gone out of town for weekend trips with max before but that was prior to his mobility and his change in diet... i packed clothes, some little toys and formula... easy as pie. this time, not so much... the thought of packing toys to entertain a baby for a week is a little much for me... i am hoping that being at the beach will be enough to tucker him out thus he won't need tons of toys or different toys... i'm also concerned at the amount of sand i'm told he will ingest. this is gross... especially considering that it's really not just sand... but also bird poop, dirt, dead sea animal germs... ick.... i suppose he is not the first baby to ever go to the beach and ingest sand so i'm sure he'll be ok but it still a little frightening.

as for vacation, i have it in my head that we really don't need to pack very much. our place has a washer and dryer. so we really only need to pack for a few days, then i'll wash everything and we'll wear it all again... i have a feeling though that once we accumulate are large pile of stuff that it's going to be much larger than either of us expected and that's going to provoke yet another argument because apparently prior to any trip we ever take, i get a little bitchy and i don't calm down until we're on the road. that's according to chris, obviously.... i surely don't see it that way.

while on vacation we have no plans... well, chris has a few that revolve around him getting up before dawn to photograph sunrise and he wants to visit a brewery that is nearby. but other than that... we are out! going on vacation is really the only way for us to really completely get away from our business. since our office on the third floor houses our photography business, it's only a flight of stairs away, thus it's so easy to just pop up there and so some work and get immersed... we won't be able to do this while we're gone. the nearest wifi spot is less than a mile away but that still means that we won't have the computers on all day while we putter around the house. i'll be cut off from my email, message boards and blogs that i read daily... and frankly i'm welcoming the break from all of it! but just for a week of course!

i'll try to post a little update mid-vacation about our trip. that should have a photo or two attached as well...


jen said...

Okay, you can go, but I want pictures. Have fun!

Annie and Greg said...

Vacationing with a mobile child is definitely a new experience! We packed tons of snack foods for Marcus and a ton of toys. I still dont think we really packed enough. Marcus definitely had enough distractions though to wear him out, although no sand eating. Have fun!

Amanda said...

You are right, I am as guilty as you are about the lack of updates. Perhaps I will get around to one tonight. I do have a house guest keeping us busier than normal. Enjoy your vacationing!