Wednesday, June 20, 2007

greetings from da beach

hello everyone out there in blog land!

i'm writing to you from the Lewes Public Library, very friendly place here, but i only have 16 more minutes left on my Internet time... so i need to make this snappy!

this area is great! very relaxing, very clean, very friendly and a minutes walk and you're on the beach and nearly there by yourself to boot! we've taken some photos and they are on my flickr site but this is my favorite:

so far max seems to love the ocean, had tasted a bit of sand but especially loves to try to eat the little rocks and pebbles that are the same size or larger than his favorite snack, puffs... so that's been a little bit of a challenge to keep those small items out of his mouth... but other than that he's doing so well. not sure how much of this he'll remember but i'm hoping that the photos will help him do so :)

other than that, we're really enjoying the time off and spending this time in a great town and cottage. photos of the teeny place we are staying in to come later, it's actually quite charming, just a bit on the small side but works for the three of us.

until next time....


Amanda said...

Looks heavenly! Enjoy the rest of your trip, and you cozy little cottage!

jen said...

Oh, that sounds nice! Love the to flickr now.

Annie and Greg said...

What an incredible picture! Have a great week!

Melissa & Jon said...

I'm so glad you're having a great trip! Enjoy the rest of your vacation. I LOVE that photo of Max! We can't wait to take Grant to Nags Head next month! Hope you got to do some of your tax-free shopping, hehe.