Friday, June 29, 2007

another tooth

max is now 10 months and two days old... apparently, i need to start planning a birthday party.

yesterday was one of the worst days he's every had... thank god my all day sickness decreased a teeny tiny bit... but at least i'm not the only one that saw his madness. my brother stopped by for a minute and he watched max crawl into a corner and just start to cry cry cry as if someone had pinched him, really hard... he cut his fifth tooth yesterday. he was a wet drooly mess, he was stinky and totally cranky... usually he chooses to sleep through this process so this was a new thing for both of us to have to medicate him during the day. all of his other teeth came in at night so that meant that he just woke up every few hours screaming... this was an all day screaming event. nothing i did would help... he would just cry in my lap, cry on the floor, cry in my bed (we tried to take a nap together), he cried in the car and in his crib too... he cried pretty much everywhere... i put him to bed a little early last night, he went down with a little resistance but then ended up crying himself to sleep... since he slept through the night and is still sleeping but starting to make some waking noises... i'm hoping that today is a better day and i have my normal jolly baby back today :)

as for me, i remembered yesterday that i needed to start taking my prenatal vitamins. i think this might be helping my all day sickness a bit. or at least that's what i'm telling myself. power of suggestion, ya know?

I have no new recipes to try, i have no new knitting (yet), and no other crafts that are worth mentioning... in fact my house is pretty much a sty.... i haven't done much of anything and that includes load and unload the dishwasher... today is my "get back on track" day. i will have clean dishes and my husband will have some fresh underpants for tomorrow.


jen said...

Fresh underpants aside...I think it's perfectly acceptable to let the housework go by the wayside in your current situation!

Annie and Greg said...

I hope you had a much better day today!