Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Yes this is a family blog - but sometimes we get to be adults

This post is not going to fall within the normal topics that you usually find here. But that doesn't mean it's not a family friendly topic.  Most of my readers are moms and most of them are married.  The topic below is something that in my opinion is perfectly normal for a married couple to engage in.

We all like to have a little fun in the bedroom right?  In fact if I were to take a guess I would guess that since most of us have children we have had fun at least as many times as we have children right?  I also know that as a parent time for such activities are sometimes pushed to the bottom of the list.  Reasons may include a sick kid or a busy work schedule, maybe things are a little stale or just being too tired at the end of the day for some personal one on one time with your husband or wife right?  Sometimes all it takes to awaken things in the bedroom is something new to play with together or some fun sexy clothing or really anything else your little heart desires to help spice things up in the bedroom.

I wanted to share a site that I first came across last winter, Eden Fantasys.  Their site is clean and well organized with LOTS of options.  I'm certain that there is something for everyone on this site.  They carry items in all price ranges and provide written and video reviews of most every item on the site.  That is something that I find to be quite helpful.  There is also a cool points program you can sign up for, you can get points for just looking around their site.  You can also set up a wish list that you can share with your husband or wife - involving them in the choice can be a fun way to spice things up right?

I was contacted to do this post by Eden Fantasys (and was provided compensation in the form of a free item from their site) and I decided to do a post for them based on that fact that I HAVE actually used their site in the past (a few times) and I trust their company.  The customer service has been top notch and the quality of the items has also been exactly as they portray on their site.  If you're looking to get back into the bedroom with your partner in crime or to spice up the exciting relationship you already have give Eden Fantasys a look before you make your next adult toy or sexy lingerie purchase ;)


Margaret said...

Im a fan of Eden Fantasys as well. Love their company!

Alethea said...

There should totally be a giveaway with this review! ;-)