Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Total Mom Makeover - Intro

A few weeks back I mentioned my lunch with Libby's and motivational mama Hannah Keeley.  Within that post I mentioned I received a copy of Hannah's book Total Mom Makeover.  AND I had promised that I was going to start the program and share my progress with my readers.  Well the day has come, I'm kicking off this program today!

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Back to my post here and please note, yes, I received this book for free but my choice to share this endeavor with you is unprovoked by Hannah.  I see a worth while adventure and I am merely sharing like I usually do.

(OK really back to business here) The cover of the book states it is "The Six-Week Plan to Completely Transform Your Home, Health, Family, and Life"  I want to first point out that I'm in no way unhappy with where I am in my life!  I love my family and taking care of my children, I love my social life and for the first time EVER I love my job (the one outside of being a stay at home mother).  However, those of you who are close to me know that there are some aspects in my life that I need to work on.  Keeping house, ranks up there at the top! Taking care of myself and my needs, both physically and mentally are also in the negative space here. Most of these negative spots come from we will say an very strong urge to procrastinate.  I'm quite organized, I can set up a file system and keep that going and I keep my work very organized, it's the stuff that I can stash away in my home, like laundry and dust and papers from my kids school that get stashed into the roll-top desk and my inability to plan a meal before 5pm on a daily basis these are the things that keep rearing their ugly heads and making my day-to-day home making an utter disaster most of the time.

As I mentioned, Hanna's book is a Six-week plan, she suggests to step 1, get a journal (this here blog is going to serve as my journal), step 2, set aside a specific time each day to read that day's section in the book and at the end of each day I will have a few exercises to complete in my journal.  They will be quick lists to make and/or thoughts to help reflect on, these will be my short posts that I'll share with you here.   As I progress, I may or may not to share EVERY single day with you.  I'm pretty open about myself and my life so It won't be a matter of the content being to private but instead it may not be worthy of a post.  I may also combine days into one post to keep things less cluttered around here.  I also want to add, I'm crazy busy here these days.... I hardly have time to sit and tune out over a cup of coffee and blog reading... so if my journal posts are full of typos and messed up grammar, please don't hold it against me, they are journal entries and well dammit they aren't going to be perfect!  Because I just don't have the time to be perfect....

If you are interested in trying this plan too, Hannah's book is available via Amazon over there in the right column of my blog.   Again, this is NOT a paid post and all future posts about my advances in the plan will remain that way as well.  I'm sharing link love with Hannah and her book merely because she is a good person, an inspirational mama and friend!

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