Tuesday, February 6, 2007

mommy to the rescue

yesterday i came down with a 24 hour flu type bug, i couldn't keep anything down, i was weak, dizzy, half asleep... not good with you have a 5 month old that just wants to play...

my wonderful mother-in-law came to the rescue (totally by mistake) father -in-law was doing some maintainance for us at a rental so MIL decided to come visit max. i talked to her earlier in the day, i was fine and then BAM, all of a sudden i was sick. so when she came to the door it was a godsend. she played with max for a good 4 or 5 hours while i worked on getting warm and getting some rest.

now i'm pretty much better but my mom is now bringing me some homemade soup and applesauce that she made for me this morning! yay for moms!

how i plan on having a day filled of knitting and playing with max and KEEPING warm! jeez, it's too damn cold! currently it's -4..... it's beautiful and sunny outside but way way way too cold...

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