Wednesday, February 21, 2007

the funniest woman on the face of the earth

that's me! yep, all me! apparently, i am the funniest woman ever and it's not just in my head this time around.

ok, so maybe all mom's are hilarious to their children at least when they are in the "baby" stage. i know my mom was pretty cool until i hit my "teens" then she was the farthest thing from cool. she's now regained that "cool" status but that's another story for another day. back to ME being cool!

all i have to do is look at him, LOOK at him! and he smiles like he was just given a golden ticket, and giggles and *raspberries* like it's going out of style! this in turn, just melts my heart! it's the coolest most gratifying feeling on the planet to be a mom and to be someones most exciting form or entertainment! no one else can get these kinds of reactions from him. only me! that's why I'M the funniest woman on the face of the earth and no one else is... poor daddy...

i know i promised knitting photos... but they didn't turn out how i would have liked, so i need to enlist chris and his expert shutter operating skills. THEN... i'll have some photos for you all.

i'm now off to play with the bubby...

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