Thursday, February 15, 2007

ahhh, valentine's day wrap up

first to lay it out, chris and i aren't huge v-day celebrators. it's sort of a silly holiday, i mean we love each other everyday (usually) why do we need to have one day a year to profess this love to each other when we should be doing it everyday.... well, i guess it's just a reminder to us all that we SHOULD be professing our love on a daily basis. reminder noted.

ooh, i just glanced at a stack of mail to realize that i have a Real Simple still in the packaging that came last week that needs to be read! yippy! anyways.

So as for my gift to chris for v-day, i had made a trip to our local grocery store on monday and picked up some steaks. I had planned for my own version of surf and turf. I bought sirloin steaks and used some frozen shrimps that we had. We paired that with a sweet potato and some red wine called Boomey (it had a boomerang on the label, was $4 a bottle and was really quite tasty! it even had a real cork not a fake plastic one). anyways, i took no photos, so you'll have to imagine what it all looked like... really i could shoot myself for not doing so because everything looked amazing! I prepared the steak earlier in the day by letting it marinate for a few hours in a ziplock with olive oil, parsley flakes, and black pepper. the green parsley looked very pretty on the raw red meat. then i heated up the iron skillet, got it as hot as i could and preheated the oven to 325 degrees. once the skillet was piping hot, i put the steaks in and seared each side for about 15 to 20 seconds, then i quickly put the entire skillet in the hot oven and cooked one side for about 12 minutes then flipped them and cooked them for another 10. (about two minutes too long but it was still quite pink in the middle). very very tasty...

as for the shrimp with tails on, i marinated those in a ziplock with lemon juice, hot sauce, ground pepper and crushed and roughly chopped garlic for a few hours. then i transferred that package to a small baking dish, sprinkled some more parsley on top and threw those in a 400 degree oven for about 6 minutes.

as for the sweet potato, i pricked it with a fork, and zapped it for 8 minutes... sliced it in half, and put a pat of butter on top.

No dessert... we had plans to go to a friends home later that evening for a little dessert party but because of the weather it was cancelled. so instead we just finished the bottle of wine together (haven't done that in a while) and snuggled on the couch after max went to sleep.

steak and shrimp dinner was my gift to chris. his gift to me was a $25 gift card to a yarn shop in sewickley! i can't wait to go spend it!

Oh, and my cutie pie little boy got me a card with monkeys on it! the one monkey is wearing pearls, i guess that's the mommy monkey :) so cute!

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