Tuesday, January 2, 2007

back to normalcy (almost)

today's the first work day for our household. we've done some end of year filing in the past few days but nothing major. today chris left at his normal time to head to a sales class he's taking and to run some errands. he's not supposed to be back until 1 or so. i am also getting some things prepared for an event we have scheduled for the end of the month. so far, so good, and no snags to speak of. chris still has some time off though and i think we're going to go for a hike tomorrow if we can get max into the kelty carrier that i bought chris. not sure if he's big enough for it yet.

speaking of end of the month events.... yesterday i got news that a close family member is scheduled to have a surgery on the 21st of jan. since i've been told this news i've had a pit in my stomach and really haven't been able to get the thought of it out of my head. it's a pretty serious surgery and the family member is pretty nervous about it too which i think adds to my nervousness. i am not a nurvous person usually, i only get this way when things are really nerve wracking and i'm not in control. for whatever reason i can't seem to talk about my nervousness either - talking seems to make me MORE nervous... so i guess updating my blog about it might help. we'll see how i feel after i hit Publish.

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