Wednesday, January 10, 2007

baby milestone reached

max rolled over last night from belly to back 5 or 6 times in his crib which has a lot of give thus offers a little "help".... so then i put him on the floor and he got mad because he was tired out and he couldn't turn over there. so this morning i put him on the floor and he did it! all by himself, no help from mamma! he did it 3 times, belly to back - then back to his side! then continued to play with a toy on his side for a while.... such a proud mamma!

winter HAS arrived! it's cold! coats and gloves and hats and scarves are needed :) it's actually quite pleasing and i hope it sticks around for a while.

well, my office work is finished for the day so now i'm going to continue working on my blanket.

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