Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm Feeding America! Wanna help?

Busy weeks ahead! Chris will be traveling for work this Friday through Thursday and then I leave that Thursday for a conference!  The kids will get lots of grandparent time and thankfully the grandparents are ok with that!

To kick off these busy two weeks I have a fun event to attend this Thursday.  I was contacted by TheMotherhood.com and Libby's to participate in a meal kit creation and virtual can drive for families in need.  We will be creating meal kits this Thursday afternoon with Hannah Keeley.  Hanna is a mom of seven (SEVEN!) children, hosts a television show and is an author.  She's quite the organizational guru with a HUGE emphasis on family!  I'm looking forward to meeting her during our lunch and learning from her.  

You could get your chance to meet her as well, Thursday, September 16th at the Market District by Giant Eagle (5550 Centre Ave)!  She will be presenting from 5-7pm and it's open to the public.  Additionally, I'm hosting my own virtual can drive with Libby's which you can access over there to the right of the page.  A donation of $5 will feed 35 families in need!  Please help me to meet my goal!

Stay tuned for an update about our lunch and meeting Hannah and a fun giveaway from Libby's too!  

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