Friday, September 24, 2010

Attending Type-A-Mom Conference

Well, by now, I've packed my bags and I'm about to head south for my 2nd professional conference, Type-A-Mom! My head is in a totally different place this time around.  My 1st conference was Blissdom last Febuary and my experience there was good but I learned a lot about how to approach an event like this.  Since last winter, I've made some new friends in the blogging community so much so that I've gained a roommate from Pittsburgh and her and 2 other local moms who blog will be travel buddies for this one.  The four of us are lucky to be traveling south to Asheville NC together in a brand spankin' new 2011 Chevy Traverse. (Thank you Chevy for sponsoring our ride!) 

To follow the Type-A-Mom Conference live tweets you can watch here for live up to the second updates about what people are seeing, hearing and doing at Type-A-Mom.  This part of the post is for a class assignment and I would love your feedback. Let me know what you think of this feature.  Seeing live streaming Twitter conversations is just a teeny tiny little part of what this feature can actually do. 

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Alethea said...

Have a great time! I know a few others heading to Asheville. If you get a chance to see some of the area, there's a post in my blog about things to do/see/EAT. :-)