Tuesday, February 10, 2009

birthday boy

andy turned 1 over the weekend! we just can't believe it! this year FLEW by! we celebrated with a party with some of our regular play date friends (who also wear the "knitting friends" hat on occasion too) and our family on sunday. it was a fun time and i think everyone had a good time too!

after everyone went home and the boys took a nap, we took them to the park to enjoy some of the sorta warm weather. although by that hour the temps had fallen a bit more than i had realized and about 10 minutes into running around and climbing up the slides, their hands were bright pink.... it was still fun to run around and breathe some fresh air.

coming up soon: knitting and sewing updates and maybe a few other crafty items too!


Amanda said...

His frosting goatee cracks me up. Excellent picture!

K,S,M and R M said...

Happy Birthday Andy!!!

Michelle said...

kid+icing face=undeniably cute.
I prefer the label knitting friends just so that it implies that I *might* have a better social calendar than Amelia! ha!