Thursday, January 29, 2009

socks socks socks - kids kids kids

i have knit my first pair of socks!


i whipped these out fairly quickly, i realize that they are ankle socks but for being my first pair, i'm happy that i knit them up in 15 days. that's fast for me... i used knit picks essentials in grass. as you can see, it fuzzed up a bit after washing. i'm ok with that though, they ARE socks and will be inside my shoes.... so i think it will be ok.

i'm already on to pair number two.

so far, i like this yarn, patons kroy sock stripe. it's a bit scratchy but i hope that it will soften with some washing..... i hope. i love the coloway on the ball but knit into the lace pattern of the leg, it's a bit much... the color changes seem very abrupt. however, i really like how it looks in straight stockenette around the ankle and underside of the foot.

the boys.... wow. lots of new things to talk about. max has been talking a lot and has started to make up stories too. he tells me things like "elmo outside!" then shortly after "elmo on school bus!" then he giggles out of control. he also has decided that he really really wants to ride on a school bus. we've been talking about preschool here for a little while since we'll be enrolling him into a program for 3 yr olds that will start in the fall. so when we read books that have a school setting or talk about teachers, he then starts into this convo about how he wants to ride a school bus and he wants andy to go too and me and daddy too of course. it's cute as heck!

one strange language thing with max is that there are words that he used to know, some were his first words actually, he will NOT say those words now. he knows them but it's almost like he's embarrased and unsure of himself and he just won't say them. it's odd.

andy on the other hand is saying things too, he says dada (to everyone except max), he ON OCCASION will say mama, star, sock, bottle and kitty. they are all very rough around the edges but i know what he's saying. he's also eating all sorts of things and basically eats what we eat for meals. he's a good little eater too! he usually ends up eating more than max these days seeing that max is either in a slow growth period or something and will seriously eat 2 maybe 3 bites of a meal and call it quits. he then never asks for a snack either. i'm hoping this turns around soon because it makes me worry that he's not getting enough... andy will also play these little silly games with us, he gives us things then takes them back over and over and over and over again. it's really pretty cute. he also hides around and under and behind everything. then he pops out and acts like HE'S surprised! talk about funny!

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K,S,M and R M said...

Great socks! And what cute stories about the boys.