Friday, April 27, 2007

the zoo

the zoo, was so much fun! yesterday max and i took a trip to the zoo and met up with (as previously mentioned) Annie & Marcus and Amy & Heather, we all wanted to get together one last time prior to the two of them heading back to work so we decided to make it special by going to the zoo.

i came away from the day with a tired baby, some cool photos and a good time.

here are some photos from the day:you can see 29 more photos here.

in other news... chris is almost finished with the semester, his first batch of seniors that he's had since they were freshmen are on their way into the real world, that's exciting for him. But most of all, it means that our summer is about to begin in a matter of days! we have so much planned including a few vacations, some day trips including a trip back to the zoo as a family prior to schools letting out so that will be soon... lots of walks to the park to let max swing, some home projects, craft projects, gardening, yard work, and there will be lots of relaxing on the front porch and back deck with drinks in hand. preferably margaritas! mmmm

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Amanda said...

Looks like you had a great time!! I was at work hoping that the rain would hold off until you all came back. Wish I could have joined the fun... maybe someday!