Monday, April 23, 2007

an addiction

yes, ballband's are an addiction. i've completed the one mentioned below and two others. and i've now got a 4th on the needles... the color combos are just never ending and the pattern is so much fun! i plan on making a few sets, right now i'm kinda messing around with different needles and such, the first 3 were knit on metal 8's the pattern calls for 7's and the 4th one that is on bamboo 6's. these are brand new and i've never worked on bamboo straights before but i'm thinking i really like them. i have bamboo circulars that are 15's i think... i didn't really like them... but these are totally different. i think part of the difference is that i'm knitting with cotton on them... the cotton just glides, it's nice. Anyways...

this week i have a few fun things planned. Max and i are going to the zoo with Amy & Heather and Annie & Marcus. I can't wait! (i mean WE can't wait LOL). Amy and Annie are heading back to work early in May so this is going to be our last get together before they head back to work. max and i are going to miss our little get togethers :( i guess this just means that we'll have to plan some for weekends right? So, the zoo! Yes, i haven't been to the zoo in a long time and i'm very curious to see the polar bears and the new aquarium. should be a good time, photos to follow.

max and i will also take a few walks this week and swing on some swings i'm sure! the weather is supposed to be pretty good except for a few showers later in the week. i'll take it though because if it means we can go out without coats and winter hats on, i'm a'ok with that!

ooh, food.... yes food. i receive recipe's via daily. a few weeks back, i got this one and i immediately shared it with Annie who made a variation of it. she substituted shrimp for the sausage and then raved about it. i have been in a MAJOR cooking slump so i didn't make it until yesterday since i was feeding my in laws. I made a variation that incorporated the original recipe and added Annie's shrimp to it! i figured it as cajun, jambalaya usually has chicken, shrimp and sausage in it so why not have those three meats in this too. it turned out SOOO good! i just made sure that i had a total of 2 lbs of meat, my sausage was just regular italian and was out of the casings and was frozen in a 1 lb bag, so since i had to defrost the entire thing, i had 1 lb sausage, 1/2 lb of shrimp and 1/2 lb of chicken it seemed to be a perfect combo with the rest of the veggies and pasta. also, since this recipe calls for lasagna noodles and thus needs to be baked, it heated up the house pretty well yesterday, when i make this again (at least in the warm months) i'll probably just toss the meat and veggie mixture with a short noodle and serve so that i don't heat the whole house up by cooking dinner :) anyways, it was good! this will be added to my list of favorites!

enjoy the weather!

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SweetJen said...

The zoo is wonderful! We were there last summer and loved it, although the polar bears weren't ready yet. The aquarium is fantastic (my favourite is the blacklight tank with the jellyfish and, of course, petting the rays). I hope you have fun there, it should be a blast.

The recipe sounds tasty. I'm always messing with recipes I get in magazines and's a lot more fun that way, isn't it?