Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Salvation Army’s 21st Annual Fabric Fair

i went here today with some friends. we all fared well. i am full of inspiration. so much so that after we put the kids to bed this evening, i organized my fabric stash. it is now in neat stacks on a small set of shelves in my crafty corner of the 3rd floor office. it's neatly folded and organized by fiber, print and yardage.

the SAAFF was really interesting. i found buttons, zippers, yards of fabric, patterns and a sewing magazine ooooh and a LOT of inspiration, all for $30.34!!!

here are a few of my finds:

photos of everything i brought home can be found here.


RD said...

wasn't it so much fun to stack and organize? I'm so full of ideas now I can't stand the thought of going to work this week.

jen said...

I think I could do it all again next weekend!

Amanda said...

I am so glad the blogs where updated promptly. I am vicariously living through your shopping. Have fun!!