Saturday, September 6, 2008

makin' baby food

ok, so the title of this post is cracking me up and really could be taken a FEW different ways....
1. makin' baby food - bow chicka bow wow... i guess this would be maybe strawberries, whipped cream and champagne maybe some dark chocolate syrup, cherries... ok, you catch my drift right?
2. makin' baby food - not a pretty picture here but making food out of babies... you know the kind of babies that you could just eat up because of their cuteness right? err....
3. makin' baby food - just what it says. making baby food. food for babies!

this post will be about option number three :)

i've ventured into the rhealm of making baby food, heehee.... i didn't make pureed foods for max, i just bought jarred and felt the convenience was priceless. one it was easy to crack open a jar, feed the kid and even make an outing out of going to the grocery store on a weekly basis for more jarred foods (we could only fit one weeks of jarred foods in our cupboard). well, these days running to the store every week with two babies for jarred baby food isn't so convenient. so i've opted to just keep a small stash of jars on hand for out of the house feedings but make my own and freeze it from fresh veggies from our garden, farmers markets and the grocery store.

wowee is it fun! i documented my last batch "P Dub style" for your viewing pleasure. this batch is carrots, i've done sweet potatoes, zuchinni and sumer squash too. but carrots are soooo pretty and i just really wanted to catch their beauty and share it with you. so enjoy!

i purchased these carrots (with their pretty green tops on i might add) from the ambridge farmers market. they were a $1 a bunch and for whatever reason i only got one bunch.... while chopping i tasted a raw piece, i stopped dead in my tracks, turned to andy and told him, "andy, you are ONE lucky baby, these are the best damn carrots mommy has ever tasted!" i plan on heading back to the farmers market next week to try to score some more of these.... they were just fantastic! and really were how carrots are supposed to taste! no further text is needed, this is how it's done folks!

once into the ice cube trays, i wrap in saranwrap and freeze then i pop them out of the tray and into a ziplock. this will be about 5 meals... sadly. i really should have picked up more than one bunch. also for a ratio tip, i learned that one large sweet potato makes up one tray as well. next time i'll be doing two at a time...

also, i have found the greatest invention of our time, the mesh feeder! ha! with max i saw these things in the stores and immediate thought, yuck, what a mess this would be, who would use one of those? well, this time around, i thought what the heck and threw caution to the wind and bought one so that andy can enjoy some farmers market cantaloupe on his own. he LOVES it! i do too! it's more than a way for him to "eat" or suck on something but it's a fun toy! i filled this with a nice juicy piece of fruit for him, put him in his high chair in the kitchen and made his baby food and he was happy as a little clam the entire time! impressive! look how cute he is:


Michelle said...

Yay for homemade baby food! Seriously, buying from the farmers market this summer has renewed my obsession with fresh fruits and veggies. Things have been soooo good and taste infinitely better! Next time, buy a ton! You might even want to just steam some diced to flash freeze at the end of the season since Andy will no doubt be developing that pincer grasp all too soon (especially with his awesome strength)!

Glad he's enjoying the mesh feeder!

RD said...

Ok, first... I can't believe how big and little boyish (as opposed to babyish) Max is getting! Wow!

Secondly, your subject cracked me up, and made me think of a line from the "smash hit" punctuation book Eats, Shoots, and Leaves, that goes like this:

Children drive slowly.

1. A command? "Children, drive slowly!!!"
2. A commentary on the speed (or lack thereof of child drivers: "Children drive slowly."
3. A caution: [There are] "children [around]. Drive slowly."

In any case, your interpretation number one made me crack up.

K,S,M and R M said...

You're funny. I have to get some baby food made before the delicious fresh season has passed. Thanks for the inspiration!

Sparx said...

Making baby food is so easy, hey? I got all worked up about it and went to a workshop... then walked out all sorry for myself when I realised I'd forked out for the lesson you've just given us! So much healthier and cheaper to do it ourselves, hey?

Happy belated birthday to Max as well!