Thursday, April 3, 2008

workout goal reached

yay, i did it! well, sorta... and as annie requested, here's a review (i was planning on reviewing them all anyways....)

i didn't get up early but i managed to do it around 10 am while andy napped. max laughed at me and jumped around a bit, so he liked it too!

i did 30 minutes of aerobic workout with Fit for Duty, a military workout show.
i liked it, it was basic step aerobics (i don't have a step so i just did the workout without it, i hate using a step regardless and wouldn't use one even if i had one). i felt that the workout can really be done without without a step. for the last ten minutes they did floor work, leg lifts in reps of 20 - 30. then a minute or two of stretching. all very basic but a good way to get back in to a routine. there was one floor move that i just couldn't do... my pelvic muscles are just too week just yet... especially since i haven't worked out or worked them since i got pg with max in dec 2005!!!! that's a long time ago... anyways, i set the dvr to record more of these.

i was actually surprised that i could keep up with these people. it was sort of a low budget type show, shown on the pentagon channel for other military peeps to watch. i was impressed with myself that some of the people on the show were visibly sweating but i was not :) that might have been hype for the camera, i dunno... regardless i found it to be a decent workout.

tomorrow, i do plan on getting up early. that means i have to go to bed early. i didn't do that last night... and i really just couldn't get my bum out of bed due to that.

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Annie and Greg said...

Thanks for the review! I set my DVR up to record a couple of shows this morning and just added an episode of Fit for Duty. Unfortunately, since I usually get up around 6am already, I will not be able to get up early like you, Mrs. Super Mom, for a workout. My schedule is rather packed now too so I am not sure when I will get a chance to sweat. Yes, excuses... I know... Keep up the good work!