Tuesday, March 4, 2008

major connection made today

max made a major connection :) he peed in the potty for the first time today and he did it TWICE! we did a happy pee in the potty dance for him both times and made him feel really good about it :) he was happy and very proud. the plan at the moment is to just put him on the potty each time we get him up from napping or sleeping or if it's time to change his diaper or what not since he's not really communicating that he has to go just yet. i know that will happen soon though!

in other news, andrew is HUGE! i swear that he has doubled in size and is about to round out his first month! i can't believe that he'll be a month old in a few days! it's just amazing!

as for chris and i, we're surviving, adjusting to being parents of two.... it's rough. basically, we do for them, then we sleep. then we do for them... and sleep... same cycle... over and over... i know it will become less strict soon but in the meantime we just want some us time. so since we know that it will come soon enough we decided to book a little weekend getaway this fall to celebrate our 5 years of marriage! we've decided to go to deep creek md and stay here for three nights! the grandparents have already said go for it! so today we counted our change that we have been saving for a few years and low and behold we have enough money in change alone to pay for the three night stay! whoo hoo!

we can't wait and are looking forward to the time along :) yay!


Annie and Greg said...

Yay for Max!!!! What a great step forward! You guys are going to have a great time in that little cabin too.

coquet's cache said...

Yay for Max AGAIN! Have fun!

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Amanda said...

wow! all inds of fun going on at your house!! go max!!

Anna said...

Hey, just to clarify about the hats - the big one is for Max. I meant to address the card to Max and Andrew but got frazzled at the post office, etc. I figured you snooped on Ravelry anyway and knew. ;)