Tuesday, August 14, 2007

show and tell

here's a photo of my relic, it's a Singer model no. 237 from 1968.

it works well for what i need it to do at this time but it needs to be serviced in a big bad way. a major cleaning would be part of that servicing. but that means that i have to have chris transport it because it's got to be more than 40 lbs. it's a beast! but i love how heavy and sturdy it is. it is all metal except for the base and the cover (cover not pictured but are both the base and cover are hard plastic.) i would like to start sewing more and would love to make clothes for me (i'm envisioning some super cute maternity shirts) and i think making children's clothes would be great too! i think i would need an upgrade though before i jumped into all that :) (hint hint chris! - chrismas and my birthday are both in a few months, no time like now to start shopping :) )

note to amanda over at ajknitting - i'm totally jealous of all the different stitches and buttonhole options that your machine offers, see how many mine offers? FIVE, yep five! yours has like 500 or something! i can't wait for a review once you've finished a few projects.

note to jen over at seedling of knowledge - let's see your machine!

and not to leave anyone else out, if you read this blog and want to share your machine, please feel free!


jen said...

Lovely! I too appreciate the beastiness of the old machines. I'll definitely take some photos of mine...I'm not sure exactly how old it is, but I think we're in the same era. I raided all of my mom's old children's patterns (she made tons of our clothes), now I just need to dedicate some time to it.

Amanda said...

I secretly wish I had my mothers-mother's machine. My mom got rid of it because it needed serviced and it was going to be more expensive than a new machine. It was a singer, but had more options than the one you have. For the record, i only have 60 stitch options (and feel guilty for not test driving it yet!)

Annie and Greg said...

Hey! Where is my personal shout out to see my sewing machine?? Just for that, you aren't getting a picture. You won't ever have any clue how many stitches MINE can do! Ha! I showed you!