Tuesday, May 8, 2007

max tried to eat the cat

so stinky came up to max today, plopped down on the carpet and max went in for the kill. apparently stinky had the same mode of play in mind because he didn't move, he didn't twitch he did nothing but stay where he plopped so that max could bury his face in stinky's belly, play with stinky's feet and give him the Max Death Grip! funny stuff.... no photos sorry.

as for knitting, i've done a few more ball bands, and i've got one of those on the needles and a baby genius burp cloth from mason dixon knitting. i'm trying to see how large this one comes out so that i can adapt the pattern to be large enough for a kitchen towel. i think that would be a good texture for one. they knit up quickly as well and fairly brainless but still fun.

chris is finished with the semester, this means he's home most of the time doing things from a list that was created from things that have been put off since january. this is a huge adjustment for both of us. i'm not used to being here while he is home in the summer, and he's not used to me being here. it's an adjustment.... one good thing (among many regarding being home during the day), max naps while the sun is at it's best and optimum location for sunning on the deck! i WILL be tan again this summer! it's been a long time since i've had the ability and time to actually get some sun during the day.

ooh, i made some kick ass mac and cheese..... chris had an opening this past sunday so i made some cheese trays. there was a lot of cheese left over, so instead of it rotting away in our fridge i decided to make some mac and cheese.

5-8 oz asiago
5-8 oz smoked gouda
5-8 oz sharp aged cheddar
5-8 oz regular cheddar
1 1/2 cups of milk
2 slightly beaten eggs
1 stick o butter
1 lb of elbow noodles, cook to al dante

butter casserole dish
shred all cheese and toss together

once noodles are cooked, drain and melt the stick o butter in the pot that you boiled the noodles in, once melted add noddles back in, toss to coat. then add milk and all but 1/2 cup of cheese, stir. add beaten egg and combine. transfer to the casserole, top with remaining cheese. and bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes or until edges are bubbly. mmmm good stuff! was really great with a few slices of fresh apple on the side!

ok, this entry was pretty lame.... sorry for all of you devout readers... hopefully i'll have more to write about in a day or so.


Amanda said...

Too bad you didn't catch the Max and Stinky encounter on film (can you call it film if it is digital?) I imagine it was quite a sight!

Ben said...

eggs in mac'n'cheese?
Have you try making it from a roux base?

cara said...

ben - yes, i've made mac & cheese from a roux base. the egg version really does about the same thing but it's a little faster.... that's one thing about this combo is it's pretty quick to assemble :) a baby and a busy husband mean that cooking can't be too leisurely anymore...